Medical and wellness tourism for business representatives

International trade relations play an important role in economic life of Russia. Yearly, millions of citizens of foreign citizens whose main visit aims are work or short business trips enter the country. A significant part of the flow is business representatives who are related to the category of the higher management of Russian or foreign companies of all industries of global economics.

Voluntary medical insurance certificates are the protection for foreigners if any diseases, injuries or emergency conditions occur. It is the warranty for getting a highly qualified medical care in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Fortunately, insurance cases occur much more rarely than fatigue or stress after complex negotiations, a long working day filled with solution of current and strategic tasks of the company in a new environment or new country. For recovery, it may be sufficient to sleep comfortably in cozy apartments or hotel suite. But it is much better if a foreign guest has an opportunity to choose.

Hotels offer the quickest recovery. One of the bright examples is Royal Wellness Club in Radisson Collection Hotel 5* in Moscow. Hotel guests get an opportunity not only to rest in splendid suits with panorama views to the best sights in Moscow, as well as, to relax and restore forces in a swimming pool 50 m long which is recorded in the Book of Records of Russia. Moreover, a wide range of SPA-services which allow to relax and get energy for a new business day is available in Royal Wellness Club. The hotel is located immediately close to the largest business centers and congress-exhibition centers of Moscow.

Photo: © Marina Frolova/MedTourBridges

Radisson Collection Hotel is unique worldwide. The building being a historic and cultural monument of the regional significance is 206 meters high and has area of 88 thous. sq. m. All modern transformations and opportunity to create Royal Wellness Club have become possible owing to the initial characteristics of the famous skyscraper. In Russia, there are also other hotels with SPA zones and possibility to get medical services, but relatively few.

According to the information on site of the Association of Tour Operators, Medical Director of the Association of Wellness Tourism and Corporate Health Mikhail Danilov estimated the number of hotels with medical license (except for health resorts) in 2020 as not more than 2-3% of the total number of Russian hotels.

But not all hotels can or want to get medical licenses. But to meet the demands of foreign patients, partner agreements with medical organizations and SPA-centers may be a successful decision.

An excellent example of the interindustrial collaboration is the joint offer by Dom Boutique Hotel 5* and TCI Clinic long life medicine in Saint Petersburg. The package offer combines opportunities of accommodation in an elegantly designed hotel, as well as, diagnostics and wellness procedures in the integrative medicine clinic.

Wellness programs lasting for one day or more are offered to hotel guests. During the accommodation period, time may be planned both for a visit to the clinic and for cultural or business program in one of the most beautiful cities of Russia.

The well-balanced, symmetrical partnership, the members of which offer the highest levels of service and also preserve, and improve health of their clients and patients appreciating each minute of their time.

Unfortunately, there are only few of such offers nowadays. Medical tourism worldwide is often associated with stories of patients who come to other counties only for treatment purpose. But it is sometimes important to prevent or preserve, rather than to treat. We want to hope that we can see a larger number of interesting package offers for business representatives who have business trips or live in Russia.

Author: Marina Frolova

Photo of preview:  © mariakray / photogenica


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