Medical tourism market in Russia – a growing and actively developing market. Specialized medical centers with a high level of investments to the infrastructure and advanced medical equipment in which experienced highly qualified specialists admit patients are available in most regions of the country. Dating back to the royal Russia, in the years of the USSR and in modern Russia, physicians have actively cooperated and cooperate in research and development area with their foreign colleagues. They have worked and work together if necessary for treatment or saving a patient’s life.

Package offers can contain other numerous services which include familiarizing with country’s culture, entertainment events and trips within Russia.

With the increase of foreign patients, new partner relations develop between medical organizations and companies of several industries. It may be also concluded that medical tourism market has also a stimulating function.

First of all, it is shown in partnerships with companies of insurance field which facilitates communication between any patient and medical organization, and helps not to pay twice. It is especially important for foreigners that use insurance products of international insurance companies. Russian insurers are sensitive to market changes which allows to forecast the appearance of new products for foreign patients.

It is not less important to develop package offers together with companies of HoReCa industry. The opportunity to combine treatment with accommodation comfort in hotel is precious. Healthy nutrition and well-being become more and more popular which serves a stimulus for development of start-ups and new companies on the Russian markеt that offer and will offer in the next years those products and services that change perceptions of service quality during disease prophylaxis and treatment in the best way.

The provision of medical services to foreign patients requires new software and new services within and outside medical organizations which will lead to the continued development of medical technology market (MedTech), as well as, Internet of Things (IoT).

Another stimulating function of medical tourism market is the influence on the development of international trade relations in import and export field, and international research and technology cooperation.

Moreover, the market stimulates generation of new working places which is especially important and can positively influence both economics of private households and social-economic development of the country, in general.

But not only innovations in medical and other industries may influence growth and development. Famous traditions of Russia are not less important and attractive for foreign guests. Medical tourism also influences popularity of health resorts which have been used for centuries for patient rehabilitation and treatment.

Author: Marina Frolova


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