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Dear colleagues and friends!

We have developed an online platform on cross-industry partnerships in the medical tourism market. We give you MedTourBridges!

The pandemic has proved to be a challenging time for the Russian medical tourism market. Still, it has been actively growing thanks to the state-sponsored programs at the federal level and contributions made by industry-specific associations, healthcare facilities, and local and foreign companies that are the players at the core of the medical tourism market.

Over the past few decades, a considerable number of partnerships has been established in the medical field, as well as cross-industry partnerships. These processes are still in progress and will be in the future, as they represent the best opportunity for the medical tourism market growth. For that reason, the logo of the platform is quite symbolic.

The representatives of healthcare facilities and companies operating in various industries from all over the world are uniting to make patients’ and tourists’ visit to Russia as comfortable as possible. Just like the two ends of the bridge meet in the middle of the river, these people create new opportunities for the market. The little heart in the center of the logo represents a person, a patient who is surrounded by the branches of the enormous cross-industry network. The reasoning behind this image is obvious. All the processes in the Russian medical tourism market are united by one vital goal: protecting the life, health, energy, and happiness of mankind.

Here, on the MedTourBridges platform, you can find out everything about growth partnerships in the best healthcare facilities and companies that are ready to welcome patients and tourists with open arms to Russia and provide them with any help that they need.

Marina Frolova,


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