Comprehensive care of patients is essential for the development of medical tourism market. During treatment, rehabilitation or wellness, not only a positive dynamics of health condition is important. Any person wants to feel at ease and be beautiful. It is evident that many patients staying in Russia may need care that is common for their routine life at home. For example, haircut or manicure. These and other necessary services are provided by companies of beauty industry.

The Russian market is rich, every patient may find a suitable service with the help of managers of assistance company or himself using information with rankings and comments in search systems.

One of the main participants of beauty industry are hair salons. Clients are met by specialists that are glad to communicate in Russian, English and other European languages, as well as, languages of the countries within the Eurasian Economic Union. Their services are available in several price categories.

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There are salons offering inexpensive but rather high-level haircut or coloring services. Graduates of academies L’Oreal, Aldo Coppola, Redken, Dessange, Pascal Van Loenhout, Vidal Sassoon, Jean Louis David and some others work for most demanding clients in higher price categories. The specialists have been trained in Moscow, London, Paris, Milan and New York.

Manicure salons are also given in various price categories and provide excellent services that will make happy every client.

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Patients being treated or diagnosed in outpatient settings can use services in spa salons. But in this case, it is appropriate to consult an attending physician in order not to worry on possible contraindications.

Beauty industry also includes industry manufacturing cosmetic products. In all salons, clients can get familiarized with care products of the best Russian cosmetic companies or not change habits and use care products of their favorite global brands.

It should be noted that not only professional skills of salon specialists and quality of cosmetic products are appreciated in beauty industry. Attention, kindness and empathy are very important for clients - medical tourists.

Salons may not know true goals of client visits to Russia. Happiness loves silence if a visit is related to family planning. Brilliant hairstyling and stylish haircuts for future parents may be needed for memory photo sessions. Specialists will add some positive during a very important period of expecting a baby and, may be, will never know real emotions of visitors. It is important that service quality will be as high as for other clients.

Another active category of medical tourists are people combining diagnostics or treatment with familiarizing touristic sights of Russian cities. The audience may get interested in express services of salons in large trade and entertainment complexes without a pre-booking.

Unfortunately, treatment in Russia is not always associated with joy. Sometimes, it is only hope and belief that they will win. Many specialists of beauty industry are experienced in work with special clients. These are patients whose diseases have affected seriously not only their life but also appearance. While fighting with cancer diseases, patients may lose hair temporarily which should be recovered in future. Patients with neurologic diseases may have mobility and speech disorders. Patients may include people travelling in a wheelchair, and transport availability of a salon is crucial. Here we mention only some examples which have been experienced by representatives of beauty industry. And the work will continue with the growth of flow of foreign medical tourists to Russia.

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It is most important that specialists make their best efforts so that their clients feel beautiful and happy. A good mood and pleasant communication with a cup of tea or coffee while getting services are much more important if a client is a patient of a medical organization at the same time. It is a psychological aspect, another step to a common or new, best life while being cured, having rehabilitation, leisure or expecting a baby.

Author: Marina Folova

Photo of preview: © serezniy / photogenica


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